Friday, May 9, 2008

Sexy Text Messages a328-a330

. Friday, May 9, 2008 .

a328: Jack’s only child, Susan,was a virgin at 27 years old. She stayed in her room day after day using her adult toys for years. She simply would not try to find a boyfriend. Jack confronted her one day "Are you ever gonna make me a grandfather"."It might be nice to have a son-in-law too". "Maybe one day" she replied. Another year passed and one day Susan came home and her dad was sitting in the recliner with her toys in one hand and a beer in the other. "Dad what are you doing" she asked. Jack replied "Oh just having a beer with my son-in-law".
- Ace.

a329: A old lady kept itching her crotch. It was itching so bad she went to the doctor.The doctor told her to sit down and spread her legs. So she did. He took a quick look and said just what I thought it’s crabs. The lady looked at him in shock and said how can that be I have never had s*x before. The doctor told her what to do. So the lady went home and did it. She came back the next day and said it still itches. So the doctor said he would take a look. So she sat down as the doctor was looking he said he discovered what was making her itch. Old Lady looked at him and said so what is it Doctor replied "your cherry’s rotten you just have fruit flies".
- Stephanie.

a330: There were 3 guys went to the fair. The man on stage ask them to think of the fastest thing they ever saw. The first guy said blinking I do it all day and never notice. The second said electricity I have a light in the barn I hit the switch it comes on. The third guy thinks? I know diarrhea this morning before i could blink and eye or flip on the light I done shit all over myself.
- Tracy.