Monday, July 21, 2008

Jokes of the Day 072208

In a hospital room, there was a man resting on the bed with an oxygen mask on.
When the nurse came in the room to open the blinds, the man asked her, "Are my testicles black?"
To which she replied, "I do not know... I am only here to open the blinds." The man asked her again, "Are my testicles black?" And he kept asking until he got on her nerves so much, that she finally unzipped his hospital gown, looked down there, checked under them, and said,
"They are fine." With a confused look on his face, he took of his mask, and shouted, "I SAID, ARE MY TEST RESULTS BACK?"
Authors: Olive & Maria

Do you know why nurses make the worst lovers?
Because they’re taught to wait until the swelling goes down.
Authors: John Franklin

Two student nurses were arguing about who would be forced to give an old wrinkly man a sponge bath,. "you do it..."
The one student said. "No..u do it"...
The patient watched them through the glass window and thought: "I hope those two guys are not fighting over my wrinkled balls".
Authors: Sefra