Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love Poems a4-a6

. Thursday, January 17, 2008 .

a4: You Are My Blessing

The gift wrapping is over
The cards are gone
Yet my heart continues
To sing this song

You are my blessing
The love of my life
You are the reason
I have no strife

You bring me happiness
You bring me light
Your smile reflects
A joy so bright

The hours are filled
With warm and caring
Each moment overflow
With heartfelt sharing.

a5: In Love at Last

In love at last.
Never alone anymore,
Like in the past.

I chose you to love,
My heart to you I give.

I could look the world over,
Never find one so true,
As loving and giving,
There is only one you.

My lover, my friend,
Today you are...
My Special Valentine.

a6: A Love For Valentine

My first Valentine of the year
came from a guy I hardly knew.
He gave it to me with no fear
saying I made this for you.

It said I was sweet,
It said I was kind,
I knew he would complete
my search and find.

He asked if he could be mine
with it saying p.s. available?
I said that would be just fine
My mom said I was able.

Today we are still going,
He is like a white dove
his smile keeps growing
I have found my one true love