Monday, January 7, 2008

Text Gig: All About Text Messages and Text Messaging

This text Messaging blog talks about text messages, textmates and gigs of a text addict. You can send me your composed text message for publication at

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Singh said...

Good luck Gui - I look forward to working with you in your new capacity! MF


Singh said...

Is it illegal for a 17 years old boy to send a 13 year old girl dirty text messages when the girl thinks its okay and she sends dirty text messages back. Her dad called me and me and said he can have me arrested for that is that true.

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Unknown said...

I know everyone is going to think I'm crazy but I'm not sure if my new man would like me to send him a dirty text message. I want to tell how fantastic I think sex is with him and have no problems thinking of what to say, the problem is he seems to be quite straight laced. or do all guy like this kind of thing?

And should I write some thing like " i don't normally do this but..." or "you don't have to respond but i have to tell you" as a kind of get out clause?

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