Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dirty text messages

Students of 5th class asked teacher:
can we have kids?

Teacher replied :Never
Boy said to girl :

I told you not to worry


A Couple was sittng in tha Garden,Suddnly a Dog and Bitch came and start kissing Boy Janu agar Tum Bura na Mano to Me bhi Grl Ok ok Theek hay but Zara Smbhal kar kahin Kutta Tm ko kat na le.


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Anonymous said...

H_M. T_M. No 1 is complete without "U"
nd FR_ENDSH_P will never b complete without "I",
So "U" & "I" have to be there for ever
if u want HUM (,") and ('') Tum 2 b frndz.

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