Monday, April 7, 2008

Sexy Text Messages a240-a242

. Monday, April 7, 2008 .

a240: A man wants to get a $100 bill tattooed on his crotch. He says he wants it because he likes big money, he likes to handle money and the next time his wife wants to blow $100 they can just stay home.
- Centerville.

a241: There was a cowboy and a baptist minister riding on a plane. The flight attendant came up to the cowboy and asked sir would you like something to drink? perhaps a softdrink, juice, or how about a nice ice cold beer! The cowboy then said "why yes mam an ice cold beer sure would go down right smooth i reckon." Then she turned to the baptist minister and said how about you pastor would you like a beer also, to that the baptist minister said "mam I would rather be stripped naked, beaten, and ridden by a wh*re! Than to allow the juice of sin to touch my lips! The cowboy then said mam you can have my beer back I didn’t realize there was a second option!
- Dan Mercer.

a242: What’s the difference between Ronald McDonald and John Wayne Gacy?
Ronald McDonald doesn’t show you the ropes!
Ronald McDonald cooks his meat!
Ronald McDonald doesn’t keep old meat in the basement!
- Jem.