Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sexy Text Messages a253-a255

. Wednesday, April 9, 2008 .

a253: A man is convicted of a white collar crime and is sentenced to 20 years in prison. This is a serious problem for this man because he’s not exactly cut out for prison life, but he’s going.
The guard walks him down the corridor and they stop in front of a cell with the door open. He looks inside and sees a huge, ugly man in there. The guard pushes him in and slams the door behind him.

The man sits on the bed across from the huge ugly man. The huge ugly man says "seeing how we gonna be in the same cell for the next 20 years, one of us is gonna have to be the momma and one of us is gonna have to be the pappa, I’m gonna let you decide."
The new prisoner says "well sir, I definitely think I would prefer to be the pappa." The huge ugly man says; "Well alright then - get over here and suck mommas d*ck."
- Casey.

a254: Q: What do you get when you cross a rooster with a turkey?
A: A woman.
Still don’t get it? Where else would you find a c*ck gobbler?
- Scott.

a255: A black man walks into the bar and sits down next to a gay man not knowing that he’s gay. A few drinks later the gay man says, "If you come into the back room with me, I’ll give you a bl*wjob." He gets up and walks into the back room.

A few minutes later, the black man goes to the back room and proceeds to beat the gay man within and inch of his life.
When he gets back to the barstool, the bartender asks "Why did you do that?"
"Well," says the black man, "he said something about a job"
- Suki.