Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sexy Text Messages a426-a428

. Tuesday, June 24, 2008 .

a426: A middle aged guy and his teenage daughter were riding a motor bike and taking a shortcut through a darkened park when they were stopped by a gang of muggers.

They searched them and took the guy’s wallet, his watch and the motorbike but couldn’t find any jewelry from the girl.

When the muggers had gone, the guy asked his daughter; "Did they take your new diamond ring as well dear?"

"No Papa," replied the girl with a grin, "I managed to hide it when they were searching you."

"Hide it? where?" asked the guy," I saw them search you too."

"I slipped it into my... a... my . . .um.... pee pee place." said the girl shyly.

"Damn!" swore the guy, "If only your mother were here, we could have saved my motor bike!!"
- Rabiul.

a427: Just after World War 2, a reporter was interviewing the head nun of a monastery in Italy regarding her experiences during the war.

"Oh it was terrible, terrible." She cried, "First the Italians raped us all except sister Matilda. Then the Germans raped us all except sister Matilda and then the Americans raped us all except sister Matilda."

"Oh I’m so sorry, it must be very difficult for you." replied the reporter, "But I’m curious, you said they all raped you except sister Matilda. Why didn’t anyone rape sister Matilda?"

"Oh sister Matilda," said the nun, wiping her eye, "She’s not interested in that sort of thing."
- Rabiul.

a428: Two guys John and Eddie were fishing by the banks of a lake. John was catching fish after fish but Eddie was not even getting a nibble.

Finally exasperated, Eddie asked John, "Hey, how come you’re getting so many fish and I’m not getting anything? What am I doing wrong?"

"What are you using for bait?" Asked John.

"Just regular bait, worms." Replied Eddie.

"Man, fish don’t eat worms these days." said John, "You gotta use the right kind of bait to catch fish now a days."

"What are they eating then?" asked Eddie curiously.

"Pussy man, pure pussy meat." said John with a grin.

"Pussy meat? Where’d you get it from?"

"Well, I know a guy who works in the morgue and whenever they get a dead body of a girl, he collects the pussy and sells it to me as fish bait." Explained John, "And man it works like magic. Fish can’t seem to get enough of it."

"Hmm..." said Eddie with a frown, "But I notice you keep sniffing the bait before you put it on the hook. Do you really have to smell the pussy?"

"" replied John with a grin, "The guy from the morgue, he’s a real crook. Every now and then he tries to slip in an asshole."
- Rabiul.